About Us

Obsolete Video Tape Service

RGB tape services started in May of 1989 and was known in the industry as Obsolete Video Tape Service, since then we have expanded our services to include film transfer and processing.

RGB is a family owned operation with a small staff of 12 employees and is committed to friendly customer service. 

Our number one goal is to provide our customers the highest quality transfers using the best hardware and techniques. Our many years of experience in this field can make this happen.


Our Customer Base

  • Smithsonian Institute
  • Ken Burns Foundation 
  • WHYY
  • DuPont 
  • Boeing Vertol
  • BBC
  • PSEG
  • ABC News
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Sony Pictures
  • US Government 
  • and many others

Our Services


QUADRA Film Transfer Services

At RGB we offer film cleaning and processing, including wet gate scratch removal and color correction. 

RGB uses the QUADRA system for high resolution transfers of 35mm, 16mm, & 8mm film.


Video Formats we Support & Transfer


We currently transfer, clean and process over 15 obsolete video formats that existed from 1955 thru 1979.

         2'' Quad High Band        
2" Quad Low Band
                                   1'' IVC                                                               

     1'' Sony EV series       
                            1" Type A                                                  

                          1" Type  C                                             
1'' Type B                      

1" Panasonic             
EIAJ Half inch B/W reel to reel
AKAI 1/4 inch reel to reel
Quasar & Muntz Cartridge formats
Betacam & Digi-Betacam
3/4 U-Matic
Audio reel to reel & 4/8 track tapes

Our Transfer Process

Once a customers material arrives, we provide a visual examination and log in .

Next we will sample run all the materials to check picture quality and see if cleaning is required,  we will then contact the customer with a cost estimate and also what to expect once they have received the project back. 

When the cost estimate is approved, the transferring and cleaning process can begin. Video tapes that need to be cleaned and prepared will be done in house by our technicians with our proprietary cleaning process. 

All transfers are frame synchronized and then digitized to a computer file format of your choice and sent back on a hard drive, flash stick or other.

Signal Processing we Offer

Processing station 4

Here is a list of signal processing we have available to us to make every transfer as best as possible:

  • Frame synchronizing
  • Aspect ratio sizing
  • Digital noise reduction
  • Audio Enhancement
  • Audio correction
  • Drop out compensation